Awaken Your Spirit
Through Nature


(late start possible until July 5)

From Stress & Confusion to Clarity & Connection

Make the Purposeful Shift to Unbreakable Connection and Spiritual Expansion Over the Next 5 Weeks


Amazing spirit, you already know you’re meant to bring your big, beautiful gifts to the world.

But lately, are you finding yourself…

  • Floundering and feeling confused?
  • Feeling stuck in a rut, unable to move forward?
  • Finding the day-to-day details of life overwhelming?
  • Wondering if you’re meant to even be here on this Earth?

Would you like guidance and practical methods to find your purpose and create connection and belonging?

  • Create a relationship with Nature, according to the wisdom of an ancient West African tradition. 
  • Discover tools to stay fully present to the magic of life. 
  • Feel more present and in control in your daily activities.  
  • Find strength and clarity in your purpose, with the help of the elements of Nature. 
  • Learn how to talk to the elements and their spirits, receive messages from them, and change your life. 
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Imagine being fully connected to your purpose with certainty, decisiveness, rootedness & joy!

  • Wake up with a knowing of who you really are, connected to your higher self.
  • Experience clarity about your purpose and where you are going.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and bring your gifts to the world.
  • Feel confident about who you are and relate to others with compassion and understanding. 
  • Trust you are making a difference in how you live your life and have a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • Manifest peace and love in your life and in every moment of your day.
  • Feel grateful and at peace and glad that you are here on Earth.


In this experiential program, discover how the elements of fire, water, earth, mineral and nature can help you feel grounded and calm, improve your relationship with yourself and your connection to others.

Here’s what participants said about the Awaken Your Spirit Through Nature process:

  • “I experienced deep healing for my mind, body, spirit and beyond.”
  • “This program guided me to shift my life to be more present.”
  • “[This program was a] great way to expand my spiritual self.
  • “I can’t wait to incorporate all of this information into my daily life.”
  • “It is a wonderful way to learn about yourself.”
  • “I gained a fresh perspective on life.”
  • “This program brought me into more self-reflection.”
  • “A really enlightening course with thorough and insightful content.”
  • “It combines theory with practical application for a complete experience.”
  • “I am enjoying being more connected with the earth and the elements.”

Here’s what you get inside AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT THROUGH NATURE, a 5-week program with weekly videos and group zoom calls led by Theresa:

Module 1: What is a Ritual and How Can it Help Me?

Discover the purpose of doing rituals for yourself, setting the container or ‘space’ for your personal energy, and caring for yourself after doing a ritual. Find out which Clan you belong to based on the wisdom of an ancient West African tradition. Delve into the characteristics of the Mineral Clan and connect to the memories you carry in your bones. Experience your first ritual and connect with your Spirit Twin.

Module 2: Connect with the Wisdom of the Ancestors

The realm of the ancestors in many indigenous cultures is the place of visions and dreams. Connect with your ancestors and ask for their help in releasing any limiting beliefs or perceptions that may be holding you back.  Allow them to guide you to a place of deep knowing. Bring your precious gifts to your community. Explore the nuances of the Fire Clan and how those qualities dance in your life.

Module 3: Resonate with the Ebb and Flow of Life

Because we humans are about 2/3rds water, we subconsciously resonate with that life force energy all of the time.  Discover the importance of water rituals as a vehicle for cleansing, forgiveness and peace of mind. Experience renewal and rejuvenation as we delve into the depths of the Water Clan. 

Module 4: Unite with Grounding and Nurturance

Mother Earth is willing to hold you in her arms at every moment.  She is the Master Healer, able to connect with your roots, your sense of belonging and your sense of home. Find out how the masculine energy of Earth protects and watches over you. Enrich your relationship with your source as we explore the essence of the Earth Clan.

Module 5: Innate Magic and Mystery Within

Align with your authenticity as we open the pathways for healing energies to infuse your body, mind and spirit. Discover the magic and mystery which lives in the realm of Nature. Explore the eloquence of the minutest insect and experience the magic of the ‘little people’. Discover the secrets of the Nature Clan and as you complete this journey of awakening.


You will:
  1. Develop a deep relationship with the elements that can’t happen from reading a book. 
  2. Discover the essence of each of the elements as you step into their realm.
  3. Merge with the innate qualities of the elements and find those qualities in yourself.
  4. Perceive each element with your own senses and knowing. 
  5. Receive what you are meant to see about yourself.
  6. Experience a unique personal ritual which reveals your own essence.
  7. Explore the rituals through your own personal journey.


  • The Complete 5 Module Awaken Your Spirit Through Nature program
  • 5 Live 1.5 hour group sessions with Elder Theresa Thomas
  • 3 Awesome Bonuses 
  • Meditations for each element


(late start possible until July 5)

$497 $297

Did someone say bonuses?

In addition to the Awaken Your Spirit with Nature program, you’re also going to get 3 bonuses to help you find clarity and connection:

Bonus #1: 1 Hour Reading with Theresa

Readings are called in to Theresa through the ancestors, who connect with Kontomble, the little people from the other side, who bring the healing messages forth. Using cowrie shells, crystals, stones and bones, Theresa will read the spread and share how you are aligned with your ancestors and the elements of fire, water, mineral, nature and earth. You will find out what you can do to bring your life into balance and transform any blocks that are holding you back.

Bonus #2: Numerology Module

Use this ancient method to find out how your birth day, month and year define who you are in the world.  Expand your understanding of your psyche and behaviour as you contemplate the nuances of your birth name numerology. Navigate the world more easily as you apply this new knowledge to your relationships.

Bonus #3: The Colour Egg Boundary Process

Discover how to create a shell of protection around you and allow only energies for your highest and best good to come into your personal space.

Meet your Leader, Theresa Thomas

A Spiritual Connection practitioner, initiated elder, diviner, teacher, ritual leader and healer, Theresa is dedicated to bringing healing and transformation to people’s lives.  Theresa studies and practices the indigenous Dagara teachings and is fortunate to have traveled to West Africa in 2010, 2012 & 2015. She loves introducing people to the magic of the elements and the little people who bring the healing messages.

What if I’ve already tried to connect with the elements?  This is different – deep & unique.

What if I’m busy?  You can chose when you want to listen to the videos which are created in short segments which you can watch in less than 10 minutes each.

What if I’m new to this whole thing? This program is designed for each person to connect at their own level of openness and curiosity.

Can I just learn this stuff for free on Youtube? Not really; this very experiential program is designed so you receive support, acknowledgement and a sense of community in the group calls.


  • You’re feeling disconnected. You want to feel safe and secure.
  • You’re feeling alone. You want to connect with some like-minded people.
  • You’re wanting to connect to Nature and all of its elements. You’ve forgotten how good you feel when you are in Nature and want some help to get back into the natural and spiritual world.
  • You’re feeling stressed or anxious about your relationships at home, work and out in the world. 
  • You’re longing for some tools to help your relationships be strong and supportive.


  • The Complete 5 Module Awaken Your Spirit Through Nature program
  • 5 Live 1.5 hour group sessions with Elder Theresa Thomas
  • 3 Awesome Bonuses 
  • Additional Meditations for each Element
Programs Price
Awaken Your Spirit Program $ 497
1 Hr Reading with Theresa $ 197
Numerology Module $ 197
Egg Boundary $ 97
Total $ 988
Your Price Today $ 297


(late start possible until July 5)